YouLearn celebrates graduates’ success

YouLearn celebrates graduates’ success

2018 YouLearn graduate Elaine Ritchie, second from right, poses with her family after her recent graduation ceremony. (Photo contributed)

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On June 14, hosted their graduation ceremony at Neighbourhood of Learning in Oliver.

The small, intimate event celebrated this year’s 33 graduates. Eight of the 33 were in attendance, surrounded by their family, friends and loved ones.

The graduation theme for Youlearn’s class of 2018 was “On Top of the World” with graduates ranging in age from late-teen to senior.

School board dignitaries were in attendance, including Superintendent Bev Young and School Board Chair Rob Zandee, who offered warm words of congratulations.

In her closing remarks, Young smiled at the graduates and said, “You did it!”

A special treat of the evening was having fellow YouLearn students, Kelan Harty, 15, and his sister, Laura Harty, 11, play two lovely piano pieces.

In addition, Acting Principal, Steve Pozzobon delivered a speech with the main message being that it doesn’t matter when or how you reach your goals; as long as you achieve them. He encouraged the graduates to use the motivation they exercised for reaching their goal of graduation to go further and continue to accomplish great things in their lives.

His speech was followed by the awards portion of the ceremony.

Many of the graduates in attendance received scholarships or bursaries for furthering their education. Guests left with the notion that it is never too late for education, and learning is forever. 

If you are an adult who hasn’t graduated, inquire about the Adult Graduation program at YouLearn when their offices reopen in September at 250-498-4597, extension 0.

The Adult Graduation program includes five courses for a diploma. Graduation requirements are: English 12, Math 11, three Grade 12 ministry authorized courses or Social Studies 11 and two Grade 12 courses.

 Having a high school diploma is crucial in today’s job market. Why wait any longer to graduate? At, the caring, nurturing staff will help you to be successful where previously you may have struggled. They will create an individualized plan that is flexible and attainable.