Wireless technology exposure impacting 11-year-old student

Wireless technology exposure impacting 11-year-old student


Tyler is 11 years old and has a recognized disability, EHS (electro hypersensitivity), which means with accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, he experiences severe headaches, accompanied with vomiting, extreme fatigue, insomnia and now night terrors. For the past four years he has been shuffling between three different school districts to avoid the mandatory exposure, which school officials have decided is crucial to teach the curriculum.

Around April 2012, Tyler, who was then seven years old and in Grade 2, started coming home with severe headaches that corresponded with increasing fatigue and sleeping difficulties. The first few times Tyler was asked to place his finger where it hurt and he would touch the top of his head. But later, as the headaches increasingly became worse to the point of nausea, Tyler was unable to touch the pain, stating it was in the middle of his head.

After many weeks of taking Advil and Tylenol to alleviate severe pain in his head, we knew something was seriously wrong.  We were discussing the problem with some parents on the school ground and discovered a WiFi router had been installed in the school just weeks before.

Tyler’s pediatrician requested that Tyler return to school with the WiFi transmitter turned off so he could start a process of elimination to see if the WiFi was giving Tyler the headaches. Our request to the first school district was denied. We were told they couldn’t turn the WiFi off, even though they weren’t using it, because it would set a precedent.  If they turned it off for us they would have to turn it off for everyone.

Tyler was unable to complete Grade 2 with his friends and we were dismissed from the first school district.

For the next four years Tyler was moved around within Victoria and Saanich school district and he has now graduated into middle school where we were assured that there was only 25 per cent coverage. We were told he would be placed as far away from the WiFi routers as possible so he could attend school with his friends.

On September 11 I received call to pick Tyler up because he had a severe headache. Tyler suffered through the long drive home and immediately went to bed to see if he could alleviate his pain.  He started vomiting around 5 p.m. and his headache carried on until he finally fell asleep around 8 p.m. that evening. Throughout that time Tyler was given the recommended doses of Tylenol and Advil as per his doctor’s instructions, but nothing seemed to alleviate his pain.

These headaches are debilitating, excruciatingly painful and the longer he is exposed the more severe his headache, nausea, extreme fatigue and insomnia will be.  Unfortunately with electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), avoidance is the only answer.

We were assured there was only 25 per cent WiFi coverage in Royal Oak Middle School as per the policy, when in fact the school has 100 per cent coverage and able to download 30 laptops from a commercial WiFi router three classrooms away.

Now Tyler has suffered eight injuries this year alone from the accumulative and prolonged exposure to the microwave radiation from two different frequencies.

As a temporary solution Tyler was pulled out of his homeroom and placed in a separate room downstairs.  Tyler was really upset, frustrated and angry about being downstairs for five hours a day with no contact with any of his peers. He feels he was dumped downstairs and forgotten, left there to do his work on his own. He was frustrated that he can go a day or two without even having anyone checking on him to see how he’s doing.

Imagine, being 11 years old and your only social contact with your peers is in a school setting, but you are isolated in a room by yourself. Tyler really wants to be back in a classroom with his peers, to have the teacher in the room to actually teach him and to ask questions when help is needed like all other Grade 6 students. 

He has now lost contact with all of his friends.

Tyler enters and exits the school as quickly as possible, keeping his head down to avoid eye contact in fear of being questioned about the situation. Tyler has expressed feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, loneliness, anxiety and is losing hope of ever finding a school where he can make friends. Tyler is a shy, gentle boy who just wants to be accepted by his friends and be a part of the school community, something he has yet to experience.

As part of the school experience students have an opportunity to meet socially and form friendships with others who have common interests. Tyler has a fundamental right to participate and socialize with his peer group and have the opportunity to build life skills that include communication, cooperation, and team bonding. These foundational components help to form a person into their adulthood and extend long beyond school years. Tyler has yet to experience a sense of connectedness and school community that is so crucial for his academic and adult life.

In April 2016 Tyler was attending school for 1.5 hours on Wednesdays in the room downstairs with a teacher one on one.  The rest of the week he was sitting at home when he should have been participating in activities with his friends at school. 

Tyler initially was so excited about attending middle school this year only to have his expectations crushed.  Every attempt to attend school has resulted in another painful injury from the microwave radiation that blankets the inside of the school.

Tyler should be provided with reasonable accommodation, affording him inclusion and dignity while building his self-esteem and personal growth, but sadly he has only experienced the burden of isolation.

Tyler has the right to access public education in a safe learning environment free of known carcinogens, especially when safer hard-wired connections to the Internet already exist.

On June 22 our appeal to the board of trustees in the Saanich school district to turn off one WiFi transmitter and set of policy of no cell phone use during school hours in one section of the school was denied and dismissed.

Tyler has nowhere to go to school for Grade 7.

Janis Hoffmann, Victoria


  1. Try letting him wear EMF protective T shirt and shorts during the day and an earthed sleeping bag at night. This will reduce his exposure significantly. I suffer from similar headaches and the clothing allows me to travel on trains etc. without headaches. My sleep is deeper and I wake up stronger having used the sleeping bag.

    • Guy thank you for the suggestion to use protective clothing, but unfortunately it only works for some. Tyler’s EHS is so severe that the protective garment would have to be sealed from head to toe not allowing any of the RF to enter and become trapped inside. We have found that avoidance with Epsom salt baths seem to work so far. We must continue to contact our MP’s and let them know that Health Canada is not protecting us from this unregulated technology that has never been tested for safety. iknowjanis@shaw.ca

  2. This is an outrage and a violation of Tyler’s right to education and a social life. And those parents fortunate in having a child whose exposure to WiFi and other sources of electromagnetic radiation has not yet pushed their body to the point of becoming electrosensitive should take note: it could be their child next. Furthermore, the US government’s own National Toxicology Programme recently confirmed that exposure to this kind of radiation increases the incidence of cancer. Should we be deliberately and unnecessarily exposing our children to carcinogens in the classroom? I think not.
    Tyler, I am so sorry this is happening to you. None of it is your fault. Stay strong and know there ARE people who understand and care.

    • Nicola thanks for your support! Parents have been robbed of their right to protect their children from this mandatory exposure to microwave radiation emitting from wireless technology in our schools. More and more children are suffering permanent irreversible damage. iknowjanis@shaw.ca

  3. Hi, I went through a very similar situation with my three children as they all became sensitive to wireless frequencies after a cell phone tower was placed a 1000 feet behind our home in 2001, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Wifi wasn’t the issue at the time. Cell phones made my children sick with all the same symptoms that Tyler is experiencing. I had 3 children in 3 different schools as they are all 4-5 years apart in age. I was also EHS and had to fight for my children’s rights until just a few years ago when my youngest graduated high school. My son is most sensitive and luckily he has a small group of friends who respect his condition and he has some level of a social life. He now works in a factory situation where cell phone use is prohibited during work hours. My youngest is now 19 and is doing okay but still lives at home in a wifi free home. We don’t know yet how things will go with her once she moves out on her own which is going to happen next month. My oldest is okay who is now 28. she was the least affected while living next to that tower but she was affected with one infection after another. I’ve been able to look back over the years to see why and have concluded that she was not exposed to cell phone radiation while I was pregnant while the two youngest were exposed to my employers phone during my pregnancy’s. I myself was exposed as a growing fetus and young child growing up very near to a radio antenna so I am diagnosed as EHS and receiving a disability pension. I live a very isolated life. i hope Tyler and his family will reach out to other EHS families and make friends that way. All I can say for him and his family is to keep fighting for your rights and try to stay well. Home schooling might be his only recourse at this time. Good luck and feel free to contact me anytime at 1-902-680-1892

    • Barbara Tyler was also exposed to the RF from a cell tower only 300 ft away from my daughters apartment. She lived there up until Tyler was 19 months old and he had alot of developmental problems. He wasn’t walking or talking and he was extremely sensitive to the environment. (didn’t like getting his hair washed, didn’t like his feet touching the grass etc) These cell towers and small cells they are putting up are making people sick but it takes time before we see the results of the exposure.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, it’s always good to hear that children have grown into young adults with a successful job that has minimal to no Wi Fi exposure. I worry about Tyler’s future (he’s my son), if he can attend College and find a career that he can actually work at without being exposed to the wireless radiation. I am thankful in a way that he has EHS, as that had originally brought me to rid my home of everything wireless that I had, and I saw myself getting healthier (I suffered 9 years with anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, which all came on within a month of moving in next door to a cell tower in 2003) At the time I had moved in next door to the cell tower I had no idea there was anything to be concerned about, so I was just put on various medications to take the edge off my symptoms. Unfortunately while I was living there I got pregnant with Tyler and lived there until he was almost 2 years old. I think that’s why he’s more sensitive to wireless radiation, from his constant exposure as a baby. I’m finding while I go through all this trying to fight for his rights, it’s sure making me see the bad side in so many people, and I can’t wrap my head around why so many of those in power are so willing to take this chance on all these children’s lives. They have the rest of their lives to live and the schools are all too willing to destroy the quality of life for them, and for what? I don’t get it. I find myself resentful, and have a hard time trusting people, because we have been lied to so many times. But life goes on, I know I need to get in touch with families that are going through the same thing, to talk to people who understand (I’m quite shy as far as meeting new people, but I sure have found my voice when it comes to protecting my son), I’m hoping to eventually find friends for Tyler that can relate so that he can feel like he belongs. He’s such an awesome kid.

  4. Thank you for sharing this story.
    My daughter Noa also has nowhere to go for school next year, for the same reason as Tyler.
    Noa is 8 (almost 9) and developed EHS this year after repeated, heavy classroom exposures to radiofrequency radiation. Several months ago she came home complaining to me that she got sick each time the smart board was turned on, I went to the classroom myself and measured 125,000 microwatts per sq meter with the smart board on, in this tiny classroom.
    She has since become severely electrosensitive, and we understand completely the social isolation.
    Please email me if Tyler would like a pen pal (we are in south florida).
    Sharon Goldberg

    • Sharon I wish they would do a survey on how many children are now being home-schooled in the last year of two. I have received so many letters from parents having to take their kids out of school because their kids are so sick. Thanks for your support and I will share all the stories with Tyler so he knows he is not alone.

    • Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear that Noa has become so sensitive, it’s sad for me to hear when kids have to deal with this from their exposure at school, it’s such a huge burden for them to deal with at an age where they should be able to go to school to learn and socialize freely and feel good while doing it. I wish the schools would put out a questionnaire for the students to see how many are experiencing the side effects from over exposure to the wireless radiation. I think that would give a much better perspective on the reality that there’s actually quite a few kids out there that are suffering from being exposed all day at school. Sadly the school boards simply don’t care to know about it, so the chances of that happening is pretty slim. I’ll let Tyler know about his potential pen pal 🙂

  5. Four years ago this nightmare started for me. The following is a list of prevention and protective measures I have taken, which has changed my life into a manageable situation. I have a slower paced life but at least it is a life. I am in recovery.

    Remove all wireless from your home.
    Do not allow anyone to bring wireless technology into your home.
    Limit your time using a lap top.
    Add a key board.
    When typing push the screen at least three feet away from you.
    Wear protective clothing

    Do not sit under fluorescence lights or overhead lights.
    Stay away from overhead electricity and wall plugs.
    Do not put your bed near an electrical outlet-especially near the the head of the bed.
    Use a battery operated clock.
    Buy a hot water bottle. Stay away from electric blankets and heating pads.
    Try to stay away from huge electromagnetic fields, such as ovens, stoves, dryers, and toasters.
    Sleep on foam . . .springs in mattresses attract RF as do metal bed frames.
    Your sofa and chairs have springs- sit on a wood frame and foam cushions.
    Purchase cotton bed linen . . . wool duvet, and a latex or wool pillow. Nothing polyester.
    All clothing should be cotton.
    Add an anti-static strip to your care.
    * All of this reduces the electrical charge to your body.
    Remove all chemicals from your home. Use homemade cleaners.
    Do not use a micro-wave-it – won’t be the end of the world!
    Reducing your toxic overload is very important. Small steps lead to big changes.
    Our cells need to be healthy to fight this onslaught – eat only organic. Healthy food -healthy body.
    Eat fresh food, cook it yourself, nothing out of a bag, tin can, or anything processed.
    No sugar.
    No grain flours.
    No milk products.
    No rice. It contains arsenic.
    Reducing your toxic overload is very important.
    Chemicals are everywhere. Soap for your dishes,clothes and hair are all absorbed into your body.
    Use latex gloves. Keep your hands out of chemicals.
    Eliminate nail polish and polish remover
    If possible cook in corning-ware pots-all stainless steel leaches 5% nickle.
    Use wooden cooking utensils when possible.
    Store all of your food in glass containers. Remove all plastic containers.
    Liquids. Make it yourself or don’t drink it. Keep it pure and fresh.
    Stainless steel water bottles leach nickle. They are all made in China. Use glass.
    Keep a journal of your changes. There will be changes.
    As a barometer try three days, three weeks, or three months and see if there is a difference.

    This takes courage, dedication and lots of research. GOOD LUCK.

    Louise Campbell – Vancouver Island cfworiginals@shaw.ca

    • Thank you for all the information, I do already do some of these things for him (foam mattress kept away from outlets, luckly I prefer the cotton clothing for my kids, nothing wireless is allowed in our home). I will look into doing more on your list, baby steps 🙂 We’ve been lucky to find our new home on acreage in a relatively isolated area, so he’s been doing well lately. Things are starting to look better as far as being at home and being healthy 🙂

  6. Look up the bio unitive. Lots of studies there by dr and educators. You can learn a lot from them. Then maybe get a good lawyer. Good luck. Build a fardway cage in the room.

  7. No one should have to go to these lengths to have their rights enforced, and for a young child to be prevented from going to school because of the radiation-riddled environment puts Canada to shame. Anyone who knows you, Janis, knows that you’re extremely well informed about the scientific evidence confirming the harm caused by EMR, so it’s not a matter of finding a way around this; it’s about getting people to realize that it’s the environment that’s the problem, not Tyler or any other individual having a normal, healthy reaction to a hostile, abnormal environmental threat. And if all Canadians knew that the ‘safety standards’ established by Health Canada were based on measuring the impact of electromagnetic radiation on a PLASTIC head filled with water, they would be appalled. That’s a plastic head — with no brain and not a single living cell. Do you all feel safer now? See: http://thermoguy.com/category/smart-meters/