Winery gives to SORCO

Winery gives to SORCO

Members of SORCO and Stag's Hollow Winery are joined by Houdini the great horned owl for the donation from the winery to the non-profit organization.

Stag’s Hollow is giving donations collected at the winery to the local raptor rehabilitation centre, the South Okanagan Rehabilitation Centre for Owls (SORCO).

The winery’s tasting room took in $6,500 in donations which they have given to help support SORCOs efforts to rehabilitate injured birds of prey and return them to the wild.

Manager of SORCO, Dale Belvedere, visited the winery along with the famed Houdini, SORCO’s unofficial mascot and great horned owl, to receive the donation.

“As manager of SORCO I would like to thank Linda, Larry and the entire Stag’s Hollow team for the very generous donation they collected through their wine tasting fees and for making their clients aware of SORCO and the work we do. Thank you,” said Belvedere.

Stag’s Hollow has been donating the funds from the wine tastings back in to the community for the past several years.

“SORCO could not be more local, being only seven kilometres from Stag’s Hollow. As these birds of prey are a key part of a healthy ecosystem in vineyards and surrounding areas, this relationship is a great fit,” said Linda Pruegger, founder and manager of Stag’s Hollow Winery.

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