Will justice finally prevail?

Will justice finally prevail?

Oliver RCMP are investigating a recent home invasion and a crime involving a man who was shot in the face. (File photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

I still have a hard time understanding how some lawyers can hold their head high after trying to lessen the penalty of a dangerous offender who has preyed on the community for decades.

I know they have a job to do, and each person, no matter how vile, has a right to be fairly represented in a court of law.

But still . . .

It’s odd that Ronald Teneycke is only now undergoing a dangerous offender hearing when judges, police, lawyers and the public have known for years that he is a dangerous criminal.

Why wasn’t this hearing held a long time ago? Why wasn’t he labeled a dangerous offender then after numerous convictions, including sexual assault?

Many moons ago criminal psychologists warned the courts that Tenecyke would likely re-offend, and he did with relish.

One judge allowed Teneycke to serve an intermittent jail sentence (on weekends) for possessing explosives. Considering his criminal record, that was a huge mistake.  He skipped out on that order and subsequently robbed Eastside Grocery in Oliver and shot Wayne Belleville in the back when the furniture maker was running away.

It’s utterly appalling that it has taken this long to finally deliver justice in a case that has re-victimized many people and has taxed our community to the limit.

This is a classic case where the offender has taken advantage of everything and the kitchen sink to mould the court to his liking, utilizing more rights than his victims ever had.

And to use Teneycke’s failing health as a bargaining tool at this stage of the game is not a valid consideration for a lesser sentence.

This charade has gone on far too long, and only now does it appear that justice will be done after so much damage has been meted out by one individual.

Anything less than what the Crown is asking for should be met with public outrage. Now it’s time for victims’ rights to be front and centre. It’s time for our community to be safe again.


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