What will be the vision of Oliver?

What will be the vision of Oliver?

An earthquake was recorded 18 km northwest of Oliver on Sunday morning. It was a magnitude of 2.6 according to the U.S. Geological Survey. (Photo by Dan Walton)

The Town is asking for help to shape its vision of the future.

In a new online survey, residents, business owners, and visitors are being asked “Where do we want to go?”

The info will help planners to develop clear community economic development objectives, as well as identify ideas to achieve the vision.

The development of an “Actionable Economic Development Strategy” was one of 11 actions identified through the Town’s Downtown Action Plan.


  1. Come on people, now is your chance to speak up and have your opinions heard. Everyone should do the survey and offer their input. Funny how it takes so little to get people to complain but when given the chance to have input they all go silent. Step up, let’s be heard and offer up suggestions or visions of the future of our beautiful little piece of heaven here is Oliver.