We’re not all dirty old men

We’re not all dirty old men


Letter to the editor

What a mind numbing dirty inference has been branded on every elderly gentleman in our area. (See “Man with puppy innocent” in Feb. 20 issue of the Oliver Chronicle.)

Do not ever talk to a kid(s) if they are not accompanied by an adult, and God forbid if you have a pet animal; keep it well out of sight and cover it completely with a blanket or keep it in a cardboard box. 

This chap who recently stopped his vehicle at a local bus stop to show a bunch of kids (some of whom he knew) his new pet puppy and was immediately nailed as a child molester and a dirty old man. 

And this despite him coming forward to identify himself afterword that he was not  a predator on the loose. And him being interviewed and totally cleared by the cops. 

So, despite him being innocent he has in one fell swoop branded all of us elderly grandad types as child molesters. 

Now all us filthy old pigs must keep away from the parks and never stop to sit on a park bench and be sure to look the other way if children are passing by. 

And also be certain to cross to the other side of the road when passing a school playground, and never ever must we offer to babysit. Alas, because of a few bad apples we have all been judged, labelled and convicted in the minds of society. 

Shame on all the populace who cannot understand the hurt that this edict has placed upon us because of a few bad men. 

Would this same outcome have arisen if a woman had stopped to show the children a puppy? I suggest not! 

Should we all now see dads and grandads in the same light as possible pedophiles?

For the record, I have always spoken to kids and I have had my day made memorable many times by what some of the young kids over the years have said to me. 

One little girl in particular (out with her mom and dad) told me to “Pay attention and listen to what I say.” She was about three years old and had her hands on her hips scolding me. 

The child was obviously repeating what her mother had said to her and was practicing it on me. It was hilarious and we all cracked up.

Don Smithyman, Oliver