Wearing blackface has nothing to do with racism

Wearing blackface has nothing to do with racism


Excellent editorial on Justin Trudeau (Oliver Chronicle – Sept. 26).

 The political timing impeccable of the picture being released of Trudeau in blackface just when an election is in the works. 

 Totally poignant the individual who said for people to look in their own closet. Looking back on some of my shenanigans from the past, I couldn’t agree more.

Then I started thinking about Trudeau attending a dress-up party – and how I am in the process of preparing for Halloween. I am going as Pennywise – the nasty clown from Stephen King’s movie “IT.”  

Does this mean that people should be afraid of their kids being around me? My husband is going as Captain Hook. 

Does this mean ships on the waters should be in fear for their safety, him and his plastic sword and all?

 Geeze, I have dressed as a Playboy bunny, The Grim Reaper, Frankenstein’s bride, and the list goes on. Means nothing, just having a fun night out.  

I am sure the blackface Trudeau had that night 20 long years ago meant just the same – a fun night out trying to imitate Aladdin.  Nothing to do with being racist. 

 I watched a show the other night called “Country Music” – “The Rub” – 1920-1933.

They showed itinerant minstrel shows that would occur whereby white professional musicians dressed in blackface – they were performing songs to imitate fabulous AfricanAmerican music.  

 In the South back then of course their was racism, but artists were liberal minded and it was music that brought white people and black people together.  

Painting their faces black had nothing to do with racism, just imitating some wonderful black musicians.   

Perhaps some of the people who took offence should sit back, turn up the tunes and listen to some nostalgic music like Camptown Races.

 Patricia Tochkin, Pitt Meadows


  1. The actual act of wearing blackface shouldn’t be a problem in itself. It does, however, become a problem when it is preceded by hundreds of years of slavery followed by another hundred years of racism and discrimination.

  2. 100% correct.. Al Jolson etc, any painted face is a crime now? it was never a crime or racist as the PC slime keep puking-out, its whitey soft-heads who slop-on about such rubbish, rarely black folks. So some white folk would like to be black or brown as its so cool, no problem, its rarely for evil or hate. And if black people put on whiteface? are they racist? hardly. As the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King …may he RIP… once said….. I will stick with Love, hate is too big a burden to bear.
    Follow his words folks, its not too complicated