Water, sewer budgets see increases

Water, sewer budgets see increases

Town council has approved fee increases in the water and sewer budgets. (File photo)

Both the water and sewer budgets in Oliver will see increases.

On Wednesday, Town council approved the 2020 water operating and capital budgets with a four per cent increase in user fees.

Chief Financial Officer Doug Leahy said the water budget impact on residents will be $22.80 on an average house or $1.90 per month.

The sewer budget was approved as well with an increase of two per cent.

Leahy said no significant projects were approved in the sewer budget.

“The increase is to cover increasing costs of materials, supplies and labour,” he pointed out.





  1. Sounds like another rip off to me. we already pay more than is required. Please show us last years expenses and the increase in prices for the same service for this years expenses.