Tribute to The Boss

Tribute to The Boss


Dan Walton
Oliver Chronicle

Tom O’Leary was born to run in The Boss’s footsteps.

He’s the tribute artist who will have a local audience feeling like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are truly performing in the Wine Capital of Canada.

O’Leary says there’s a magical combination of The Boss’s songwriting and live performance that makes him such a legendary musical icon.

“Bruce Springsteen can be playing for an entire arena and make it feel like it’s just you and him. He takes the biggest stadium and can still bring on a profound sense of intimacy … it’s unbelievable.

“He’s such a deep, thoughtful songwriter who was able to bottle what he did live onto the records. But the main thing was – you gotta see this guy live.”

After studying his moves and seeing The Boss four times in concert, and having performed the act in venues large and small – O’Leary has Springsteen’s swagger down pat.

“I’ve become a student of his performances.’

His show in Oliver will consist of two sets. The opening will be a progression of Springsteen’s breakthrough where fans get to rediscover the defining moments.

“And the second set will be the arena rock: full on pedal to the metal, song after song.”

By replicating every note and nuance of a Springsteen performance, O’Leary and his six-piece band make it easy for his audience to suspend reality and feel like they’re experiencing the real thing.

“It’s as close to being there and experiencing it as you can.”

As the Boss himself would say, “If you’ve lost control of the situation at hand – Go grab a girl; go see a rock and roll band.”

Supporting O’Leary on his Oliver bill will be Kristi Neumann, the Nashville singer-songwriter who’s now a local. O’Leary and Neumann play at the Frank Venables Theatre on May 25.