Town wants to know if Air B&B is hot or not

Town wants to know if Air B&B is hot or not


Town Council is interested in hearing from the public to determine the views of residents regarding short-term vacation rentals being allowed to operate in residential neighborhoods.

To guide Council on possible amendments to regulatory bylaws a short survey is available online at A Short-term Vacation Rental Brief provides some background information and items to consider prior to completing the survey.

”Each community has unique needs and wants regarding Short-term Vacation Rentals, determining the “best” approach for Oliver will be determined through the results of the online survey,” said Mayor Martin Johansen.  “Achieving a balanced approach begins with us hearing from citizens and getting a broad sense of where the community sits on this topic”.

A Question and Answer session with Staff is scheduled in Council Chambers on June 4 from 3 to 5 p.m.