Town updates strategic priorities

Town updates strategic priorities


The Town of Oliver is focusing on some additional priorities in its strategic plan.

For example, it plans to explore opportunities to allow food trucks on Town-owned properties.

It also wants to review the existing housing strategy by researching “tiny home” zoning and carriage house requirements.

The Town is preparing to undertake minor improvements to the remainder of Centennial RV Park (next to the hotel). The plan is to remove the fencing, place picnic tables on the property, and erect signage to promote future development.

This fall the Town hopes to engage the public in the design of a new park at 256 Fairview Road, immediately south of the Coast Hotel.

Other priorities in the strategic plan include finding the best location for Town Hall, reducing vacancies in the downtown core, study traffic calming measures, preparing for additional policing costs and planning a new intersection at McKinney and Black Sage Road.


  1. Unbelievable:

    Not a word about the most important issue on the minds of our residents today: CRIME.

    Michael Guthrie