Town to seek indoor pool study funding

Town to seek indoor pool study funding


On Monday the Town of Oliver will discuss a recommendation to seek funding for a multi-community indoor pool feasibility study.

Staff have recommended that council put forward a BC Rural Dividend Program application for $100,000.

Chief Administrative Officer Cathy Cowan said the application can be submitted on behalf of Oliver and Osoyoos (including the rural areas) and the Osoyoos Indian Band.

If the application is successful, 80 per cent of the feasibility costs will be provided by the dividend fund. The total cost of the study would be approximately $130,000.

Cowan said all local governments have expressed an interest in developing an indoor pool facility.

In 2017, the Town of Oliver submitted an application for a study but was not successful. Cowan said this was due to the wildfires in B.C., noting that other communities that had submitted applications for wildfire recovery plans were chosen over Oliver.

After the application was rejected, the Osoyoos Indian Band announced that it would build it’s own recreation/pool centre. But since then the band has not released further information on the subject.

The feasibility study would detail capital and operating costs, site assessment, layout and design, and a cost-sharing model.

Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff previously stated that an indoor pool is a high priority for many Osoyoos residents and families.

Area A director Mark Pendergraft said cost-sharing between communities is the only way to keep the cost to a reasonable level.

But Oliver water councillor Rick Machial previously expressed his concern about spending millions of dollars, plus maintenance costs for people to go swimming.


  1. That’s the only stock picture you could find for an indoor pool? It looks like the pool from the Playboy Mansion!

  2. Forget the pool. If you can raise that kind of money just for a study think how much you could raise for more low cost housing.!