Town to forward noise concerns to Area 27

Town to forward noise concerns to Area 27

Area 27 members will be utilizing a new business in town that manufactures exhaust and tuning products for exotic cars. (Dan Walton file photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Town council is addressing concerns about noise from the new Area 27 race track.

On Monday it responded to a letter from resident Mike Beaulieu who expressed concerns about the noise.

“I’m just wondering if the Town can influence the track management to put up noise barriers of some sort. I’m sitting upstairs in my home on Lakeside
Drive and can clearly hear the noise of cars going around the track,” Beaulieu said in a letter to council.

The resident noted that Area 27 promoters originally claimed that no noise would be heard.

Beaulieu said he contacted track management a couple  of times and they stated they would impose car noise limits.

Mayor Ron Hovanes said he heard the noise for the first time on Sunday.

Water councillor Andre Miller said he was talking to an Area 27 representative who said a noise buffer would be built in the form of spectator stands.

Councillor Larry Schwartzenberger said he would like Area 27 to respond with its plans for noise abatement.

Council decided to forward concerns it has received to Area 27 and the Osoyoos Indian Band, and ask about what measures will be used to control the noise from the race cars.


  1. Another person complaining about change , just deal with it.
    I have complaint I hate hearing all the elderly crying about everything can we council to stop them they are a nuisance


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