Town takes part in commemorative tree planting

Town takes part in commemorative tree planting

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Oliver Chronicle staff

The Town of Oliver is helping the Local Government Management Association celebrate its 100th anniversary by purchasing a tree.

At its last meeting before Christmas, Town council approved a motion to buy a tree that may ultimately end up in Oliver’s newest park.

Corporate Officer Diane Vaykovich said the Town can submit a reimbursement up to $50 to the association.

Councillor Dave Mattes said the Town is planning on building a new park on Fairview Road. He asked Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell if the Town could use this purchase towards the park.

“Is it only one $50 (tree)?” Goodsell asked to a room full of laughter. “Can we purchase multiple trees?” Goodsell added.

He said if they do build the park in the new year, they are planning on replanting a bunch of trees there.