Town staff to prepare fencing, dock rules

Town staff to prepare fencing, dock rules

Town of Oliver

Town council has directed staff to prepare regulations to clarify fencing requirements on top of retaining walls.

The height of a fence is currently determined by taking a measurement from the average grade level on either side of the fence. Staff say this provision works well except when placing a fence on top of a retaining wall.

Under Zoning Bylaw 1380, the maximum height of a fence is 1.8 metres, unless a fence is situated within a front parcel line setback, in which case the fence’s height cannot exceed 1.2 metres.

Contract planner Chris Garrish proposed the inclusion of a new regulation dealing with fences constructed on top of retaining walls: the combined height of the fence and the wall at the parcel line cannot exceed 1.8 metres in height.

Council will review the proposed regulations in an upcoming meeting.

In other council news, the Town has also directed staff to prepare regulations governing docks on Tucelnuit Lake.

With the current prohibition against non-motorized vessels, there is a preference for low-intensity uses, according to staff.

The installation of a dock can facilitate recreational uses, but council has determined that rules be adopted to govern the length of these docks.

Contract planner Chris Garrish said they could limit the length of dock structures to no more than 10 metres.

He reported that the Town of Osoyoos limits the size of private docks to a surface area not greater than 24 square metres and a width of 1.5 metres.

Garrish noted the City of Penticton does not regulate docks or moorage facilities.

He pointed out there are up to six docks currently on Tucelnuit Lake.