Town opts out of liquor control applications

Town opts out of liquor control applications

The Firehall Brewery is planning to add an outdoor patio to its operations.

By Lyonel Doherty

The Town of Oliver has decided to opt out on commenting on two liquor control and licencing applications.

One involves a change of liquor sale hours at the Oliver Curling Club, which wants to start selling at 11 am Monday to Saturday. Its current licence does not permit the club from opening before noon.

Contract planner Chris Garrish said the change in hours is considered minor and is unlikely to adversely impact adjoining uses, such as the park or recreation programs.

It was noted that if council provides a comment about this application to the liquor control board, it would have to engage the public for feedback.

Council did not want to do that.

The second application involves a structural change to the Firehall Brewery, which wants to add a new outdoor patio at the rear of the building. The patio will be surrounded by planters and a chain four feet off the ground to control patron entry and exit.

Garrish said the patio is consistent with current zoning, however, it will adjoin an industrial area.

“Staff are concerned that there my be potential for conflicts between patrons using the patio and the operation of existing industrial/manufacturing uses on Station Street and Co-op Avenue.”

In the past, the Firehall Brewery has complained about dust emissions from Structurlam.

Garrish also said the proposed increase in capacity by 30 persons may have implications on parking requirements for the site.

Council chose not to comment.

“It’s between the business and the patrons; it has nothing to do with us,” said Councillor Jack Bennest.

Mayor Ron Hovanes said he hopes the Firehall Brewery goes into this with its eyes open.