Town looks at new priorities

Town looks at new priorities


By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

Some new priorities have been added to the Town of Oliver’s Strategic Plan.

On Monday, council endorsed an update of the plan, which underwent a brainstorming session in February. Additional priorities were brought forward and council ranked these items. They include the following:

Development of a new park on Fairview Road; Town-owned lots on Station Street and Main Street; new Town Hall business case; housing strategy; Lion’s Park parking lot; legalization of recreational cannabis; review of capital projects; bike share program; and installation of sani-dump service at Public Works.

In the Strategic Plan, council plans to make minor improvements to Town-owned lands on Main Street to make it a safe parking area, which will include signage, lighting, proper street access and gravel surfacing.

On Station Street, council plans to remove fencing and place picnic tables to revitalize the area.

It also plans to explore opportunities for installing food trucks on Town-owned properties.

Under its housing strategy, the Town will undertake a housing review by researching “tiny home” zoning and carriage house requirements.

Under policing, the Town will develop a crime enforcement strategy to create a safe community for residents and businesses.

Another priority is to deliver live streams and archived records of council meetings online.