Town looks at establishing youth council

Town looks at establishing youth council

Town council has approved fee increases in the water and sewer budgets. (File photo)

Lyonel Doherty
Oliver Chronicle

The Town of Oliver is working on giving youth a voice in local politics.

Today, council members will discuss a draft youth council charter with input from Southern Okanagan Secondary School.

The idea is one of council’s priorities under its good governance model. It’s an opportunity for local youth to acquire a greater knowledge and appreciation of municipal government.

The Town is using a template from the District of Clearwater that has formed a junior council of its own.

The youth on this council will communicate its needs to the Town and make recommendations. For example, planning and implementing social, educational and cultural activities.

The council will teach respect for the rights and property of others and promote community pride and “eliminate potential negative influences” among local youth.

Just like Town council, this junior council will be elected and pass motions and resolutions.

Junior council members must be full-time students at the high school and be 18 years of age or younger.

Tenure of office is one year.