Town considers Forbes plaque

Town considers Forbes plaque

Gordon, Jean and Steve Forbes have requested that a plaque be established in memory of Don Forbes for his contribution to wetlands preservation in Oliver. (Photo contributed)

By Lyonel Doherty

The Town of Oliver is considering a request by the Forbes family to establish a plaque in memory of Don Forbes for his contribution to preserving wetlands.

Jean Forbes sent a letter to council asking that a small plaque be added to the wetland trail bench on Meadows Drive.

Jean and Don operated the family farm from 1974 to 2005. They subsequently turned the farm over to their sons Gordon and Steve Forbes.

“Don was instrumental in having the wetland area preserved for future generations to enjoy, and without his dedication and caring, this wetland and the trail would not exist but would be a housing development similar to Greanleaves Village,” Jean said.

She noted they want the wetland to remain accessible to all, particularly to local school children.

Jean said the plaque would be a very small acknowledgment of his contribution and the “fact that his vision was more important to him than any financial gain.”

Council asked staff to look into the cost of this plaque and the precedence it may be setting.