Town comes clean on privacy breach

Town comes clean on privacy breach

The Town of Oliver has lifted its stage 1 outdoor watering restrictions that were implemented this summer due to drought conditions.

Town of Oliver

During the process of email notification to property owners of their 2019 Property Tax Notice, an error was made in which the attachments on emails to 3 people included a list of all properties on the property tax roll (residential).

The information breached included mailing address and civic address. The Town believes that there is not a reasonable risk of financial harm to residents.

The other information on a property tax notice is public and accessible on BC Assessments website for each property – roll number, mortgage name or address or code (if a property owner is paying to a mortgage provider), 2019 property tax charges for example.

The three individuals who received the information in error have deleted the attachment and the Town is confident that the electronic document has been destroyed.

The Privacy Commissioner has been notified and a Privacy Report filed. Residents were advised that if they had concerns they could contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC.