Town approves fuel station

Town approves fuel station


The Town of Oliver has approved a development permit for a card-lock fuel station at 5918 Sawmill Road.

On Tuesday, council gave the green light for the proposal in the industrial park area. The site previously hosted a card-lock service with a chain link fence around the entire perimeter.

But the latest enterprise will have chain link fencing along the south and west sides of the property, as well as around the fuel stations themselves.

Contract planning technician Kevin Taylor said the general absence of landscaping is not consistent with industrial area guidelines. But it is a reflection of the applicant’s intention to maximize the use of the property for large vehicle mobility.

In discussing the permit application, Councillor Dave Mattes raised a concern about the lack of fencing on the north side, noting he was concerned about vehicles encroaching on the neighbour’s property.

But a representative of the applicant said they would not be driving on anyone’s property to make turns with vehicles.

But Mattes said he still wants to see a fence there to control traffic.

Council approved the permit with an amendment to include a fence on the property’s north boundary (to the existing pavement).