LETTER: Time to look at district municipal police force

LETTER: Time to look at district municipal police force

Oliver RCMP are on a roll apprehending and arresting sticky-fingered criminals.

I found the recent comments on community policing to be interesting if not inflammatory in that there is no longer resources to attend to property crimes and the attention of the RCMP will have to be directed to more serious issues. In the next article it is stated that the enforcement of the current rules in regards to “pot shops” is going to be upgraded.

Now unless break and enters and theft from vehicles are crimes that are about to be legitimized in the near future, I would have to think that chasing pot shops would be low on  the priority list.

Also, a recently posted photo showed three uniformed officers diligently enforcing the distracted driving laws, a truly worthy cause indeed but protecting the citizens’ homes and property is also a worthy endeavour, so share the priorities. I know it means working at night and preventing crime creates no revenue like driving infractions do.

It is that train of thought on the part of RCMP administration that has taken a once proud and world-renowned police force and reduced it to an ineffectual bureaucracy. This train of thought has also become an embarrassment too many of the hard working, dedicated men and women who are endeavouring to serve and protect the communities entrusted to them.

Consider the costs being incurred by small businesses, farms and residents; these costs are becoming enormous along with the safety risks of an encounter with a criminal element.

Currently you are all being asked to put up more of your hard earned dollars in order to pay an exorbitant increase in policing you are not getting. Yes, the RCMP do eventually catch most of these criminals but that is after they have done the damage to your home property or business.

Just perhaps it is time to look at an alternative model such as a district municipal police force. This would have to be Area A, Area C, the Town of Osoyoos, the Town of Oliver and possibly the Osoyoos Indian Band. That would provide a population base large enough to economically fund the program and provide geographic boundaries that aid in containment.

This would not solve all the problems but it would be doing something as opposed to accepting the status quo of paying more and being told by an unmoving bureaucracy what can’t be done.

Rick Knodel, Willowbrook


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