Grass fire started from neighbour’s burn pile

Grass fire started from neighbour’s burn pile


Oliver firefighters were quick to respond to a grass fire in the 7000 block of Island Road last Friday.

The initial call came in as a burning pile that subsequently spread to a neighbour’s property (shown in these photos). The owner of this property said the fire started on her neighbour’s land where piles of trees were located.

“It burned through the creek and spread (to our field),” the owner told the Chronicle.

Fire department spokesman Rob Graham said the fire started from some embers of a burn pile that spread to a nearby oxbow. The fire spread to some trees that had to be cut down, he noted.

“Winds did help to fuel the fire a little, but crews were able to keep a guard surrounding the fire and keep it from spreading farther.”

Graham said there was some concern about a structure, but crews made quick work to extinguish the fire.

The size was estimated at two or three acres.