The Fruit & Vine: February 14

The Fruit & Vine: February 14

(Photo: Pixabay)

A ton of SOUR GRAPES to the justice system for allowing a convicted arsonist to walk our streets and continue to allegedly set fires at will. This guy should be locked up for the safety of everyone. Next time someone is going to get hurt or worse.

– Reader

Many SWEET CHERRIES to Dr. Peter Entwistle for his tireless efforts in helping drug addicts in the South Okanagan. But I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them. It’s a powerful addiction, but they made their choice to start.

– Citizen

A theatre full of SWEET CHERRIES to the organization that brings the foreign film series to Oliver. What great films!

– Movie buff

A bin of SWEET CHERRIES to the Town of Oliver for following through with their plan to establish another public park for the community. Now we just need a name. How about Bridge Park?

– Reader

A corral full of SWEET CHERRIES to the Osoyoos Indian Band and Robert Stelkia for offering the horse therapy program to inmates of Okanagan Correctional Centre. What a great rehabilitation idea.

– Observer

A bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to Kelaya Squakin and Cooper Smith for sharing their fond memories of Aidan Pratt, a cherished friend for life.

– The Chronicle