The Fruit and Vine

The Fruit and Vine


The Oliver Chronicle welcomes comments highlighting readers’ feelings of appreciation towards an individual or group or sharing comments about things they would like to see improved.

Submissions must have a name and phone number for verification purposes, but can be published anonymously.

Content may be edited for clarity.

A bowl of SOUR GRAPES to dog owners who let their pets run off-leash in public areas, other than designated spaces. Dogs should be controlled at all times.

– Dog owner

A bowl of SWEET CHERRIES to all of the kids getting out of the house and putting their Pokemon Go to good use.

– Relieved mom

Many SWEET CHERRIES to the Heritage Walking Tour of Oliver. What a great program to highlight the history of Oliver.

– Tourist

A bench full of SWEET CHERRIES to the girls only  hockey club, the Shooting Stars, for giving young females a chance to shine on the ice.

– Observer

A plate of SWEET CHERRIES to municipal councils for banning marijuana dispensaries. These pot shops are illegal and this drug is bad news. Oh, I’ve got a headache, better take some pot. Oh, my foot is sore . . .

– Reader

A park full of SWEET CHERRIES to bylaw enforcement officer Donald Lowndes for walking softly and refusing to carry a big stick in Lion’s Park. What a difference it has made.

– Park user

A jail cell full of SOUR GRAPES to the criminals driving up the crime statistics in rural Oliver. They must be proud of their shameful accomplishments.

– Law abiding

A bite full of SOUR GRAPES to people who defend pit bulls. They have a bad rap for a reason and are unpredictable.

– Reader


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