The Christmas Lobster

The Christmas Lobster


By Kelly Hall

Oliver Chronicle

(The following tale is based on a very true story . . . really.)

Once upon a time in a far away place called Newfoundland there lived a family.

They were great in many ways, but the children! Well, the children were mischievous, precarious and wholly terrors. Especially at Christmas.

Bob, the older brother, would be ordering us all about.

“You’re not the boss of us,” we would jeer at him.

Rick, my second oldest brother, would be running around with a cape on and a cracker box on his head pretending to be a super hero.

Randy, next in line, would be trying to scare us by climbing up the walls in the hallway and dropping stuff on us.

My sister Deb was pretty good at putting me in my place, especially when I tried on her clothes.

All of us were too excited to go to bed and it drove my parents crazy. They tried everything to keep us in our room, so not to scare away Santa. But the urge was too big; we could not contain ourselves.

One Christmas we were acting our usual  monstrous selves and tried to sneak out of our bedroom door. But there it was! The biggest, ugliest six-legged creature with claws creeping down the hallway. It was the Christmas lobster! “Click, click, click.”

We were absolutely terrified that it would get us, so we dared not come out of our rooms.

Needless to say, that was the last time we ever tried to sneak out and surprise Santa.


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