Terence Jack performs in ‘Back Alley’

Terence Jack performs in ‘Back Alley’

The Terence Jack group performs at the Firehall Brewery this Saturday, Aug. 12 as part of the Back Alley Concert series.

By Dan Walton

It’s Terence Jack’s final summer in Canada, but before he makes a major migration to California, he’ll be headlining the next Back Alley Concert at the Firehall Brewery.

“It was only three years ago that I stopped doing everything else to focus just on music,” the singer-songwriter said. “I felt like if I didn’t do it then I didn’t feel complete.”

His latest release is an EP titled Never Get Back, which he said has more rock ’n’ roll compared to his previous music, which was more folky. “It’s just a part of growth,” he said. “Not to say I won’t go back to something more folk. But yeah, it kind of spawned from over caffeination and lack of sleep. It was one of those things – art just blossoms out of the unknown after a lot of work.”

As a songwriter, Jack was heavily influenced by the psychedelic classic rock that he had to listen to in his dad’s truck while being driven around throughout his childhood.

“I don’t think about the genre or influences behind what I’m writing, I just write what comes to me. But we turn out to be a product of our environment, so whatever you listen to comes through in what you write.” Until he makes the move to California in the fall,

Jack’s music career has been based out of Vancouver. He said it’s a city that’s very rich in musical culture – there’s vast diversity among the bands in Vancouver, so he never felt pigeon-holed by a lack of local influences. “It’s an eclectic mix being a major city in Canada, the players that I play with come from all over, so of course it rubs off.”

Terrence Jack plays the Back Alley Concert on Aug. 12 at the Firehall Brewery. Doors open at 6 p.m. Diane Gane will be decorating the venue with her visual art and there’ll be drinks from the Hidden Chapel Winery. Cocktails too, from Dubh Glass Distillery, and food by Vagabond Kitchen. Tickets cost $15 plus tax at the Beer Shop & Social and at the door.


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