Team to take Tucelnuit Lake’s ‘pulse’

Team to take Tucelnuit Lake’s ‘pulse’

Rotary Beach is open for swimming after recent test results showed E. coli levels returned to Health Canada standards. On August 27, levels were 35 times the recommended amount. (File photo)

A team of researchers from Quebec has its eye on Tucelnuit Lake in Oliver.

No, they’re not looking for a new species, but rather taking water samples to determine the health of the lake.

University of Quebec biology student Amir Reza Shahabinia will be working with a team of four as part of the Lake Pulse project. The group is a national lake survey initiative aimed at understanding lakes and their condition.

In 2017 the group sampled 217 lakes and plans to sample 232 this year.

Shahabinia recently asked the Town of Oliver for permission to take water samples by boat.

He noted the sampling team arrives at the lake at 9 a.m. and works until 4 p.m. Two team members set up a mobile lab on shore consisting of a pop-up tent.

Shahabinia said they do not release anything into the lake, but only take measurements, collect water and sediments.

“We take serious precautions to avoid contaminating lakes with invasive species,” he pointed out.

Council gave the group permission to use an electric-powered motorboat only to carry out its work this summer.