Teachers talk Take-a-Risk

Teachers talk Take-a-Risk


Dan Walton
Oliver Chronicle

Teachers get $1,000 to try out new things thanks to Take A Risk grants.

They had to say what they spent it on during group presentations at the school board office earlier this month.

At SOSS they’re giving students the chance to learn about new subjects without facing the pressure of worrying about good grades or passing. Now they can pursue their interests even if they feel timid.

Also, students took a trip to Revelstoke to learn about caribou conservation. The field trip combined elements of two courses. It was a memorable experience with a good mix of downtime and learning.

In Keremeos, two teachers collaborated to interview students and find out what engages them in the learning experience. Also, the wood shop has seen changes, like arrows on the floor to help guide students.

The CORE program is all about building connections between teachers and students. CORE shirts were given out at the beginning of the year and teachers are happy to notice many students wearing them all throughout the year, not just on festive days when fun activities were planned.

But the CORE program is not coming back and will be replaced with something similar.

Other great ideas include:

• A space was created where everyone can participate

• A Green Team for environmentalism

• Forming connections between eight or nine community groups, who would cut lumber, paint murals and landscape together

• Indigenous recognition

• Grade 5s and Grade 12s collaboration for a photography project that was “super successful”

All the teachers clapped for each other at the end.

Then, while mingling, they had private discussions about what they spent their $1,000 on. The meeting was catered with lots of fresh food, and it’s the time of year when some fruit is in season.