Taxpayers not willing to cover royal costs

Taxpayers not willing to cover royal costs


While the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is making it clear taxpayers aren’t willing to cover additional costs for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, taxpayers want to make the couple feel welcome with a special gift basket.

“Canadians are welcoming people and we’re happy to have Meghan and Harry as neighbours, as long as taxpayers aren’t stuck with the bills,” said Kris Sims, the CTF’s B.C. director. “We wish the couple all the best in their decision to be financially independent and we want them to feel welcome so we put together a gift basket.”

Meghan and Harry recently announced that they’re stepping back from official duties and spending time in Canada. Taxpayers have made it clear they’re not willing to cover additional expenses associated with their move.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has launched a petition asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ensure that taxpayers’ money does not go to the Duke and Duchess, who are giving up their Royal Highness titles.

Several thousand Canadians have signed the petition.

 While the CTF remains firm on the financial points, taxpayers want Meghan and Harry to feel welcome and put together a special gift basket including: blankets, towels and warm socks. 

The CTF will donate the basket to a Vancouver women’s shelter on the couple’s behalf.

 “It was touching to see Meghan spending time with volunteers at a local women’s shelter and we respect Harry’s work with injured veterans so we want them to feel welcome,” said Sims. “We’re guessing that they have enough blankets and towels so we thought it would be more meaningful to put together a package for women in need. We can stand up for taxpayers and be friendly at the same time.”

Kris Sims, BC director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation