Sweet cherries and sour grapes

Sweet cherries and sour grapes


By Lyonel Doherty

Some of our readers have said they miss our “sour grapes” and “sweet cherries” section in the paper. 

So we’ve compiled a few of them for you to read and comment on. Unfortunately there are more complaints than praises. (Send yours anonymously to editor@oliverchronicle.com.) 

Sweet cherries to Interior Savings in applying for a $5,000 donation for the Small Wheels park in Oliver. 

– Non skater 

A bin of sour grapes to online readers for always finding a negative thing to say about a positive news story. For example, when the new design for the Small Wheels park was published, some people criticized its features. 

– Give me a break 

Sweet cherries to Town council for regulating vacation rentals. There needs to be some rules so that neighbours are protected. 

– Reader 

A bucket of sour grapes to the Town of Oliver for sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong – in vacation rental suites. 

– Homeowner 

A vehicle full of sour grapes to drivers who don’t stop at crosswalks and those who pass motorists at intersections. It’s time you got a real licence instead of cutting them out of cereal boxes. 

– Flabbergasted 

A canal full of sour grapes to the federal Liberals for snubbing their nose at Oliver by not giving us a single penny for the Gallagher Lake siphon repair project. The government would rather send millions of dollars overseas than help a small community in crisis. 

– Voter 

Tons of sour grapes to the person levelling racial slurs against a local Indo-Canadian businessman. You need counselling and should be ashamed of yourself. 

– Shocked and upset 

A bin of sweet cherries to local farmers who generously give out “freebies” at their fruit stands. What a nice gesture. 

– Local shopper 

A court room full of sour grapes to judges who grant bail to serious offenders with criminal records. Bail! Are you kidding me? Mmmm, wonder if you’d be so quick to let him go if he harmed your son or daughter. 

– Court watcher 

A golf bag full of sweet cherries to the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association for hosting its charity golf tournament at Fairview Mountain. So nice to see the proceeds going to good causes. 

– Reader 

A loader bucket full of sweet cherries to the Town of Oliver for making Park Drive safer for school children. The upgrade is sorely needed. 

– A parent 

A street full of sour grapes to Town council for approving marijuana shops on Main Street. We don’t need more people getting high and stinking up the neighbourhood, thank you. Think it’s going to solve our social problems? It’s all one big money grab. 

– Observer