Stunning student exhibits at semester end celebration

Stunning student exhibits at semester end celebration

Kaitlyn Nemeth admires the achievements of SOSS students

Dan Walton
Oliver Chronicle

Before embarking upon the next step in their high school journey, the students of Southern Okanagan Secondary School took a moment to relish in their accomplishments during the Semester End Celebration of Student Achievement.

The school was bustling last Thursday night with students performing live music in the hallway, robot wars in the library, cooking challenges in the cafeteria, and art displays all over.

One of the art exhibits came from Grade 11 student Kara High, who was sharing her recent paintings, drawings and photography.

Grade 11 student Kara High takes a moment to reflect on her many works of art over the past semester

“This is one of my first one’s I did in September, some of these are my more recent ones,” she explained.

Over the past semester, High said she’s gained a deeper understanding of how art can communicate beyond words (thanks largely to Lindsey McVicar, one of her favourite teachers).

“One thing I’ve learned, in everything you do you can express who you are. I didn’t really see that in the beginning, I was just kind of laying it all out,” she said.

“It can show a lot of meaning. Someone can look at a piece of art and see one thing themselves, but everybody can see a different thing or have a different emotional reaction.”

High’s art is for sale and in alignment with her Social Justice class. Proceeds are donated to a local women’s shelter.

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