Stop spreading the misery

Stop spreading the misery


Desperate times make desperate people, but why spread your misery to others?

That’s the question we are struggling to answer in the aftermath of a recent robbery on Main Street.

Darrell and Amber Furmanek from Elite Jewellery are good people, who often give back to the community and help those facing the trials of life. They can relate because they have been down that road too.

But the smash-and-grab was a real slap in the face – a brutal violation of privacy that the couple is willing to forgive. Amazingly, they don’t want to tar and feather this guy and charge admission at the town square.

For this pardon, one would think the perpetrator would do the right thing and come clean, or at least have someone drop off the stolen jewellry, or what’s left of it.

What this fellow doesn’t know is Amber likely would have given him money to sweep the shop floor if he had asked. This is the type of person she is.

Business people in Oliver work hard to keep their doors open. They don’t need tougher times dealing with thieves who make their living off the backs of others.

Are times really that desperate that they obscure any shred of conscience left in people? It makes you wonder where society went wrong.

Across town, someone broke into two trucks owned by the Kiwanis Club, a charitable organization dedicated to changing the world – one child and one community at a time.

More disturbing than the break-in is the frequent garbage piled outside of the market on Co-op Avenue.

Dumping broken playpens, dirty couches and busted TV sets is unconscionable. The perpetrators know this stuff cannot be sold, and are content with leaving it for Kiwanis volunteers to get rid of. The problem is it costs the club more than $50 in tipping fees every time they take a load to the landfill.

Volunteers find this very frustrating. This money could have been spent helping a local child or family through a tough time.

Now the club is considering investing in a surveillance system to catch these people in the act. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

Come on, people. Think about how your actions affect others and stop spreading the misery. You’re not the only person with problems in this town.


Lyonel Doherty