Stolen Jeep leads RCMP on wild chase

Stolen Jeep leads RCMP on wild chase

Tyler Newton

A man suspected of B&E was captured by police in a stolen vehicle.

It happened in the early hours of today, May 27. Police received a call about a man fleeing from the scene in an older Jeep Cherokee after allegedly breaking in and entering.

Police in Penticton were also on the lookout for him, since even earlier this morning.

Officers in unmarked cruisers caught up with the suspect vehicle, while the driver was oblivious to the heat on his tail. Cops waited for him to go down a road where it was safe to deploy a spike belt.

The spike belt popped the tires but the devoted suspect kept on driving on bare rims, albeit at a low speed. He took the Jeep onto an orchard across from the Osoyoos Indian Band Office where some damage was caused.

The suspect then used his stolen Jeep to ram try ram an RCMP vehicle.

The man was eventually stopped on Tucelnuit Rd, and, was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Police say he will be charged with multiple Criminal Code and driving offences.