State of Local Emergency reviewed in rural Oliver

State of Local Emergency reviewed in rural Oliver

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Lyonel Doherty
Oliver Chronicle

Imminent flood risk is prompting the regional district to review the State of Local Emergency in rural Oliver.

The board will discuss the issue on Thursday when it looks at a report that recommends extending the authority.

But Emergency Preparedness BC has requested the district adopt a new State of Local Emergency (SoLE) rather than continue extending the 2018 motion.

Following last year’s snow melt, engineers identified that groundwater levels remain significantly above normal. And because Park Rill and Kearns Creek have reduced capacity due to sediment and erosion, there is a “high probability and imminent risk of localized flooding.”

Current reports indicate that water flows are beginning to increase in these areas.

The recovery team is using the SoLE from last year to conduct emergency works in Sportsmen’s Bowl and Park Rill.

In correspondence with the regional district, professional engineer Caleb Pomeroy said they believe there is an “imminent risk of flooding in the coming weeks that will overwhelm the channel on Sportsmen’s Bowl Road and other problem areas (within Park Rill).”

The regional district is putting out advisories to Sportsmen’s Bowl residents to prepare for the spring freshet. In fact, the Ministry of Forests has indicated there is already pooling above the firing range, which may soon be an issue.

It was stated that declaring a new state of emergency will assist current recovery works on private property in Sportsmen’s Bowl and Park Rill. The regional district is replacing accesses for two residents on Sportsmen’s Bowl Road.

Recovery work is also continuing in the Road 6-9 area.