Splash park lot to be paved

Splash park lot to be paved

Kids and parents will be delighted to know that the parking lot at their favourite (Kinsmen) water park in Oliver will soon be paved. Three cheers for no more potholes. (File photo)

Say goodbye to potholes and pooling water at Kinsmen splash park.

To many people’s joy, the parking lot will soon be paved, making it a much smoother experience for parents with children, scooter operators and cyclists.

On Monday’s Parks and Recreation meeting, manager Carol Sheridan gave the board a verbal update on the project.

She said the parking lot consistently suffers from pooling water and potholes. She noted that parents pushing strollers and people using walkers have a hard time accessing the front gate due to the parking lot’s condition.

Sheridan said that water and mud pool in front of the washroom building, which tracks in dirt and creates an unclean environment.

The Town of Oliver has contracted Grizzly Excavating to complete the paving. The cost is estimated at $23,000 and will be done following the paving of Station Street.

Sheridan said the public will be given as much notice as possible since the project will affect vehicle access to the playground.

She noted that foot traffic into the park will be permitted during paving.

John Kurvink, finance manager for the regional district, said the work is also necessary for the safety of park users.