Spartan Street sidewalk extension gets green light

Spartan Street sidewalk extension gets green light

Town council plans to improve lighting on Spartan Street. (File photo)

Despite a budget deficit, the Town of Oliver is forging ahead with phase 2 of the Spartan Street sidewalk extension project.

Last week council awarded the contract to the only bidder – Mike Johnson Excavating Ltd. for $218,610. But there’s an estimated shortfall of $31,000, which the Town will cover using general reserves.

Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell said they only received one bid because most contractors seem too busy to complete the work, which is a “sign of the times.” But he noted the bid from Mike Johnson was the best option since it provides the least amount of disturbance to school grounds and other factors, such as tree removal and parking. The same company completed the first phase of the project.

Phase 2 will involve the extension of the sidewalk between Rockcliffe Road and School Avenue, with additional parking fronting the school district playing fields. Once the project is complete (by September), both the high school and elementary school will be fully encircled by municipal sidewalks.

Goodsell said they looked at reducing the scope of the project in order to save money.

But Mayor Ron Hovanes said he would “hate to scrimp” on this project. He also expressed his delight about finally having both elementary and secondary schools encircled by a sidewalk and landscaping.