SOSS Speaks: Setting goals furthers success

SOSS Speaks: Setting goals furthers success

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By Khushi Sharma

Special to the Chronicle

Speaking from personal experience, I don’t believe it’s very common to do activities in gym class that don’t involve either the basic sports-related games or grueling fitness testing. In my P.E. 10 class at SOSS, I believe we are doing a pretty unique project.

The assignment consists of choosing one active lifestyle goal, and setting smaller benchmark goals to reach the main objective. These targets can be things like participating in a marathon, benching a specific amount of weight, or a particular goal in a sport you play.

I went to my gym teacher, Mr. Russo, and asked him why he thought a lifestyle project like this was important. He told me, “If we are aware of our choices and feel we can do a better job making healthier decisions, we are going to be more likely to make a positive change in our lives. This [project] will allow students to make a positive change in their lifestyles or try something new, have some fun and get credit at school for being active and healthy.”

After completing my project, I can say that I agree with his philosophy. My objective was to run five kilometres in under 25 minutes, and even though I had to increase my time goal halfway through the project, I still accomplished a lot and had fun. I learned that building stamina isn’t really all that hard if you truly stick to your practice regime. But while you are building stamina, it is also important to give your body a break and not overwork yourself to avoid possible injuries.

Are there any new things you’ve wanted to try? Maybe being able to shoot a three pointer in basketball, run for 20 minutes every day, or start doing yoga regularly? Go ahead and start now! If you stay dedicated and motivated, you’ll definitely be proud of your end results.

(Khushi Sharma is a student at Southern Okanagan Secondary School.)


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