Slippery roads, speed causing accidents in Oliver

Slippery roads, speed causing accidents in Oliver

This vehicle sustained damage in a collision on Highway 97 at Gallagher Lake corner this afternoon. No serious injuries were reported. Police are advising drivers to slow down on area roads that are very slippery. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

Even though icy roads are partly to blame for a couple of motor vehicle accidents in Oliver this afternoon, police are advising drivers to slow down.

Firefighters and RCMP were called to a two-vehicle collision on Highway 97 at Gallagher Lake corner before 2 pm. Some extrication was involved as firefighters had to pop open a door. Minor injuries were treated by paramedics.

Traffic was blocked in both directions. The cause is yet to be confirmed. One police officer on scene said the road was very slippery, adding he was sliding when he walked. He advised drivers to slow down.

Just south of the accident scene, near the Tucelnuit Drive intersection, another vehicle was observed in the ditch. The driver reportedly got out on his own. Skid marks were seen on the highway where the vehicle slid into the gully.


  1. seems a waste of tax payers money to put up speed limit signs, blinking lights warning drivers to slow down. Stupid refuses to obey, so the tax payer pays. And the RCMP are wasting their breath telling people to slow down, no one listens to the truths, they only see the TV car commercials telling the buyers how safe and wonderful their cars are, capable of leaping tall buildings, in a single bound.
    In our car you can go through two feet of snow, and still be able to accelerate to the 120 clicks and our brakes will keep you from crashing, And stupid believe it, it’s on TV it has to be true. The stupid not only have no knowledge of how to handle a vehicle, they also increase the stupid level by having their faces in their face book. The government needs to start up a highway patrol , who are out on our highways taking the dollars from the stupid, and getting the stupid off our roads.


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