Sing along with Mamma Mia at SOSS

Sing along with Mamma Mia at SOSS


Who’s your daddy?

That’s the premise of – Mamma Mia – the next high school musical at Southern Okanagan Secondary School.

Relying heavily on songs by Abba, the story is about a young woman named Sophie who is eager to find out who her father is, so she goes through her mother’s diary and invites to her wedding three of her mother’s former lovers from around the time she was conceived.

One of the lead roles – Rosie – will be played by Abby Teigen.

“Rosie is really fun loving and wants to love life,” said Teigen. “And I love dancing so it’s kind of the right role.”

Playing the role of Donna (the mother) will be Grade 12 student Freya Ware. She has acted in school plays every year since beginning at SOSS, but “I’ve always played teenagers and I’m playing an adult this year … it’s challenging because you have to be more dramatic and present yourself differently than you do when you’re playing a kid.”

And there’s a little more pressure for Ware to remember all her lines in Mamma Mia.

“It’s full of songs that everyone knows, so if you mess it up, the audience will know,” she said.

Donna’s best friend, Tanya, will be played by Grade 11 student Riah Podmorow. She has also been involved with every play at her school and is excited to be performing such a classic story this year.

“Everyone knows the music,” she said. “Music draws people in. The movie was filmed in Greece, so beautiful, which is another reason why people like it so much and are excited people come and see it.”

The teacher running the production, Alison Podmorow, said a two-storey Greek tabernacle is being built, and the set is “going to be a thing of beauty.”

Mamma Mia will be more challenging than previous plays put on by the school.

“In the past we tried to focus on high school age stuff – like High School Musical, Grease, Footloose,” Podmorow said. “This one is about a bunch of 40 year olds trying to figure out who they are, so it’s a bit of a stretch with some of the kids and their acting.”

There are also adult volunteers who will be making up a six-piece live band.

Mamma Mia happens on March 7, 8 and 9 at Frank Venables Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online at