Senseless acts must stop now

Senseless acts must stop now


Of  all the public meetings and hearings this Town has every year, why hasn’t one been held to discuss youth crime and vandalism?

It’s long past due.

We discuss commercial developments, zoning bylaws and road maintenance, but rarely do we sit down and talk about why some youth have to make our lives miserable, and what (if anything) is being done about it.

A community meeting with school officials, town representatives and the RCMP would go a long way in addressing some of these problems.

Youth and their parents have to be made aware how these “senseless acts” truly affect the victims. Not only are these crimes an invasion of privacy, they strike real fear in the hearts of some people, especially seniors. It’s almost an act of terrorism.

Throwing a rock through someone’s window after midnight goes beyond pent-up energy; it’s downright malicious and needs to be treated as such.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – every parent should know what their child is doing at all times, particularly at night. There is no justification for any teenager to be roaming the streets after midnight, and why any parent would allow this is beyond comprehension. Granted, some parents have lost all control over their children, but does that mean the citizens of Oliver have to suffer for it?

Although establishing a curfew seems like a good idea, it is impractical in this day and age. (But they worked in yesteryear.) It’s sad how some old school attitudes have changed, and not for the better.

Youth vandalism is a way of life today, and we put up with it because there isn’t much we can do about it – thanks to a system gone haywire. Once in the court system, perpetrators suddenly have more rights than anyone else, and they know it.

Try grabbing them by the scruff of the neck and marching them to the police station . . . where a nice pair of shiny handcuffs will be waiting for you. What!?

Hey dude, you assaulted me, my neck hurts. Man, you are so sued.

Don’t laugh, this is basically what you can expect from the establishment. Even if the young perpetrator is found guilty of smashing your window, there won’t be enough of a deterrent to change his behaviour next time.

There needs to be more emphasis on the “Restorative Justice” program, where youth meet their victims and do right by them. But we never hear the outcome of these encounters.

Along with restoring justice, let’s restore a little faith in the system.