Senior ‘scared’ after truck stolen

Senior ‘scared’ after truck stolen

A senior couple in Oliver are questioning whether they want to continue living in Oliver after the brazen theft of their truck recently, which has left them feeling violated. (Google Maps)

By Lyonel Dohery

Oliver Chronicle

An Oliver senior is frightened following the brazen theft of her truck in broad daylight last Friday.

Fern Gould and her husband John are still shaken from the incident.

“I feel violated. I’ve got my doors locked all the time now. I’m scared . . . scared. That’s no way to live,” Fern said.

She recounted how their green 1995 Dodge RAM pickup was stolen from their driveway on Kingfisher Place at approximately 3:30 p.m. on August 10. She was out walking their dog at the time.

According to Fern, the thieves drove the truck 300 metres down the road (to Tradewinds Estates) and used it to hook up a flatbed trailer with an ATV on it and drive off (killing two birds with one stone).

According to Fern, one resident at Tradewinds came out and asked the suspect what he was doing and was told the trailer was being hooked up for a friend. So the resident proceeded to help the suspect hook it up, Fern said.

Shortly after, John saw it drive by. “He said, ‘that looks like my truck,’” Fern stated.

John then got into his car and attempted to follow the suspect but lost him.

“It (the situation) was absolutely crazy,” Fern said, noting she shudders to think what would have happened if she had come home during the incident.

The couple subsequently called the police and were told that an officer would get back to them, but as of August 17 no call-back was received, Fern said. However, she did learn today that their truck was recovered in Penticton with the ignition punched out of it.

RCMP Cpl. Christina Tarasoff said she would be following up on this file and look for video surveillance in the area.

“We will make sure this is a priority now that we hopefully have some time to breathe (from dealing with all of the other files of late).”

Fern said she and John are elderly and don’t have any defences, so they feel at the mercy of criminals.

She noted the theft has prompted them to consider moving out of Oliver.








  1. It only takes one or two bad apples to cause a crime wave in a little town. Everyone should be aware of what is going on in their hood and call the RCMP if something seems wrong. I also support a certain amount of vigilantyism where necessary to protect our community when the police are not available.

    Bob Parker
    Rural Oliver

  2. A simple cost effective thing is a Trail Camera or Game Camera to be setup. They start at about 100.00 and can go up to 1000.000. Mostly the range you would want is between 100.00 and 500.00 for a effective camera. The advantages is portability and the ability to move it easily if needed, no cords or internet connection to manage. The ability to hide it in your window or object in your yard, and you can set it up yourself. Effective range for a good clear photo is 20-40 feet, which should cover most drive ways. Motion sensor lights can also be a tool used to deter thieves as most don’t like attention of they are working at night.

    I knew a guy who worked security for events in Williams Lake many years ago. He, in a former line of work would teach people how to steal cars down in Vancouver. He would teach them what models had what alarms, where and how to disable the alarms, and also what cars or devices to avoid. He said the simplest way to help deter a would be thief is a simple blinking LED mounted into the dash top or some where visible. Now they have to take the chance that its either a real system or a fake. Most entry to mid level thieves will want an easier target. So you have now reduced your chances of your vehicle being taken. Anyone who takes that risk either knows how to take out an alarm and be gone quickly or wont care about an alarm system going off. He said you wont ever stop those guys because they just don’t care and shouldn’t ever confront them. The more they question if they can take it the more likely they are to not. The purpose isn’t necessarily to out right stop them but you not make it worth their while.

    Anything can be broken into or stolen, that is just a fact. It is the effort, time, reward, and opportunity that determine if or when it happens. If you can make it not worth the effort, make it take more time to take, what they might get for it, and how difficult it is the access or transport. You will greatly reduce the interest that anyone will have in taking your stuff. This wont eliminate thievery because some just don’t care about being caught or not in a rational state of mind.


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