Scouts race for glory

Scouts race for glory

Scouts had a blast today on Skagit Avenue during the annual Junkbox Derby. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)
And they’re off!
(Photos by Lyonel Doherty)

Local Scouts participated in some friendly competition on May 4 during the annual Junkbox Derby on Skagit Avenue.

Scouts from all over the region got behind the wheel of their junk boxes and had a blast steering their way down the hill to the finish line.

The event was hosted by 1st Oliver Scouts, and group Commissioner/Race Marshall Mike Field said it was a great day. He provided a list of winners:

1st place:  Caleb CLEVEN  (1st Princeton)  20.846 seconds

2nd place: Corben VAN GENNE (1st Princeton)  20.908 seconds

3rd place: Carter Lane (2nd Penticton)  21.454 seconds

Best Sportsman:  Taylor GIROUX (1st Oliver)

Best in Show:  Dallas CRAWFORD (1st Oliver)

Best single heat time was 19.37 Seconds by Emily MCCOLLUM (1st Oliver)

Highest recorded speed on the track was 22 Kph shared by Emily MCCOLLUM (1st Oliver), Ella BAUDER (2nd Penticton), and Matthew WILLIAMS (1st Princeton).