Residents advised to be savvy if evacuated

Residents advised to be savvy if evacuated

Flames were seen on the edge of Senkulmen Business Park on Wednesday during hand-ignition burns south of Gallagher Lake. While that area has calmed down considerably, expanded alerts have been issued in the McKinney Creek area. (Photo by Don Smithy-man)

While no evacuation orders have been declared, residents on evacuation alert in the Eagle Bluff fire are advised to be savvy. That means being ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

If an evacuation order is issued, the location of the Oliver reception centre will be communicated immediately through RDOS communication outlets (information releases, social media and CivicReady). Authorities on site doing the evacuations will also communicate the location to evacuees. During the 2015 wildfires, the reception centre was located in the Oliver Community Centre.

Information on accommodations or group lodging will be communicated at the reception centre.

Individuals and families impacted by an evacuation order are strongly encouraged to find accommodations with family or friends. Campers will also be encouraged to return home if possible, as commercial accommodations will be limited.

If you are under evacuation order:

Close all windows and doors of your house and leave the area immediately.

–          Close gates (latch) but do not lock.

–          Gather your family: take a neighbour or someone who needs help.

–          Take critical items (medicine, purse, wallet, and keys) only if immediately available.

–          Take pets in pet kennels or on leash. (if you have concerns about domestic pets or livestock contact A.L.E.R.T. at 250-809-7152.

–          Do not use more vehicles than necessary, to help reduce congestion.

–          Do not use the telephone unless you need emergency service.

Motorists are urged not to stop on roadways to take photographs of the fire. If an evacuation order is issued, Highway 97 is the main evacuation route. Added traffic volume may put lives in danger if evacuees are unable to leave the area quickly and efficiently.

Affected residents needing transportation assistance from the area can call the RDOSEmergency Operations Centre at 250-490-4225.




  1. If you are evacuated, please check in and register at the Reception Centre as soon as possible. This makes it much easier to determine who is safe and who might be missing. It also offers a central point for worried friends and family to obtain information. Emergency assistance and benefits are also time dependant.