RDOS supports single use plastics ban

RDOS supports single use plastics ban

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The regional district is standing behind the call to ban single use plastics in B.C.

On Thursday, the board approved a recommendation to support the province in creating a ban rather than having local governments create their own patchwork of regulations.

Solid Waste Management Coordinator Cameron Baughen said other regional districts are looking at implementing similar bans. He noted the North Okanagan is the only jurisdiction in B.C. that has brought a ticketing bylaw system under legal review.

All other bans have come through municipal business licensing, he pointed out.

But Baughen said he would like to wait for the results of the legal review before considering such a bylaw here.

The coordinator stated that a provincial or federal ban would be more efficient for businesses as there would be one set of rules to follow across B.C. He noted that several provinces have already implemented bans on single use plastics.

Baughen said the Solid Waste Management Plan calls for public consultation before implementing a ban on plastic bags.