RDOS gives district-wide flood update

RDOS gives district-wide flood update

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The entirety of the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS) currently remains under a state of local emergency and citizens are encouraged to keep preparing for flooding with warmer temperatures on the horizon.

The RDOS has provided an update on flooding in its jurisdiction, as well as information and resources for residents.

In Oliver and electoral area C:

Sportsman Bowl: Operations for flood mitigation have been actioned by BC Wildfire and construction crews. Continued monitoring of freeboard in waterways and removing sediment, debris continues. The culverts recently installed are working well.

Willowbrook: Works are continuing, and the situation is being monitored.

Testalinden, Tin Horn and Hester Creeks: Removal of sediment, boulders and debris continues.

Secrest Hill Road: Ministry of Transportation Infrastructure is continuing to manage the pumping along Secrest Hill Road.

Roads 5, 6, 7, and 9, south of Oliver: Funding has been approved to undertake significant and strategic drainage works to mitigate flooding and further damage. These works are anticipated to begin shortly. Works continue with sediment removal and ongoing works.

In rural Osoyoos, electoral area A: Provincial agencies are monitoring Osoyoos Lake levels and preparing for evacuation orders if necessary. Sand bagging and private property protection is being undertaken by local residents and agencies work to keep infrastructure operational.

In Okanagan Falls and electoral area D:

Okanagan Falls: Shuttleworth Creek is back within its channel, as significant rip rap and berm construction has taken place. Residents were evacuated for 24 hours while mitigation works were taking place and are now back in their homes.

Green Lake: The current situation is stable, as pumping continues on a modified schedule.

Twin Lakes: Pumping out of the lakes continues, and reinforcement gabion walls have been installed to protect the most ‘at risk’ properties and infrastructure.

General Information: