RDOS continues to look for organics compost site

RDOS continues to look for organics compost site

The regional district is hoping that a grant will help pay for a windrow composting site at the Oliver landfill. (File photo)

The regional district is embarking on a study to determine the feasibility of an organic composting site in Okanagan Falls or Penticton.

Unlike previous reports, there is no mention of Oliver as a possible site. (Past reports mentioned a potential windrow facility at the Oliver landfill, but only Okanagan Falls and Campbell Mountain in Penticton are being considered at this time.)

Marron Valley near Kaleden and the Summerland landfill were previously reviewed with the public but subsequently rejected.

The $50,000 study will try to determine if Okanagan Falls or Penticton would be best suited based on social impacts, the environment and economics.

The overall goal is to divert organic materials from landfills. According to Manager of Operations Andrew Reeder, food waste and organic material account for approximately 40 per cent of waste ending up in regional landfills.

One study found significant benefits in diverting food from landfills, including extending the life of these landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating compost for agriculture.

Reeder said Campbell Mountain landfill currently does not have odour control and will impact neighbouring properties without the creation of an enclosed system.

He added that Okanagan Falls landfill is small and is not as efficient as the Campbell Mountain site.

Reeder noted there could be some public resistance in Okanagan Falls due to the change in the landfill’s use.

“Should a facility be located at this site, the landfill itself may be required to be closed in order to accommodate this option.”

Regional directors will discuss these options at Thursday’s board meeting.





  1. Composting your green or dry garden waste, raw fruit peels, cores, vegetable scraps, dry egg shells, nut shells, etc shouldn’t smell much. But unfortunately there is all the cooked food waste too, from homes, restaurants, and supermarkets tossing expired packaged meals, fast food places toss tons of garbage full of grease, fats, meat, bakery good. All that stuff will probably purify and stink , so it really should just be incinerated .