RCMP arrest man with axe for break and enter on Main Street

RCMP arrest man with axe for break and enter on Main Street

Oliver RCMP are investigating a recent home invasion and a crime involving a man who was shot in the face. (File photo)

RCMP have again arrested repeat offender Steve Godbout, this time for breaking into a residence and business on Main Street in Oliver.

On Saturday at 7:40 a.m. Oliver and Osoyoos RCMP members attended an apartment on Main Street after a witness reported that a male carrying a large axe, later identified as Godbout, 50, had used it to break an entrance door and go inside.

The apartment was located on top of a closed business and believed to be unoccupied.

Police Dog Service (PDS) was contacted from Penticton RCMP and police set up a perimeter at the location until PDS arrived.

The apartment was searched and officers discovered Godbout had now gone into the business through an access door.

A PDS member and police dog entered the business. The police dog located Godbout hiding behind a door and made contact. The PDS member observed that Godbout had an axe raised preparing to strike the police dog.

The PDS member was close enough to use this moment, while the suspect was being distracted by the police dog, to grab the axe handle. A brief struggle ensued over the axe and it was removed from Godbout’s grip.

Godbout was restrained and arrested by assisting members.

Several charges were recommended and approved by Crown Counsel for appearance in court. Godbout is being held in custody and his next court appearance is February 28.

Godbout was also charged earlier this month for starting a fire in a dumpster behind Oliver Place Mall.

In 2016 he was sentenced to two years in prison for break and enter and possession of stolen property under $5,000 after being caught leaving an equipment building next to a Telus tower on Oliver Mountain, which had been knocked down. He was suspected, but not charged, with downing the tower.

Godbout was also convicted with starting a bush fire near the A&W in Oliver in October of 2015.


  1. Hasn’t learned any lessons…. This idiot is obviously a lifetime criminal…… Lock him up indefinitely so he can stop harassing the public and wasting taxpayers money. Better yet the next time he B/Es a place, shoot him. That way he will not be a menace to society and the police……

  2. Yea I almost second that notion… clearly this man has no intentions of being a good person, it sounds like the only way to stop him from doing so is to lock him up AND NOT LET HIM OUT OF CUSTODY!


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