Quickness averts fully involved car fire

Quickness averts fully involved car fire

Firefighters were at the hall last night when a call came in about a car fire in the parking lot of Oliver Parks and Recreation. The quickness of their arrival averted a more serious incident. (Photo: Ronda Jahn)

A fire in the back end of a car didn’t have time to become fully involved in Oliver last night.

That’s because firefighters were having a meeting at the fire hall when the call came in.

Spokesman Rob Graham said members arrived very quickly to the scene (Oliver Parks and Recreation parking lot) where they observed smoke coming out of the back end of a vehicle at approximately 8:30 p.m.

If it had been left any longer, it had the potential to be a fully involved fire, Graham said.

The rear bumper/hatch sustained most of the damage, he pointed out. The driver was in the community centre at the time.

“Cause is not determined but may have been something electrical. But it’s not 100 per cent determined,” Graham noted.


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