Politicians need to get real

Politicians need to get real


The reasons keep piling up as to why a growing number of people are so distrustful of government.

Let’s start with the senate fiasco. This scandal should be enough to warrant a broad inquiry of who’s doing what, where the money is going, and who should be held accountable.

The RCMP’s investigation of Senator Mike Duffy’s expense claims should go much deeper, and act as a wake-up call to all senators. Don’t these glorified appointees make enough money without having to resort to deceitful behaviour?

It’s yet another reason why the senate should either be elected or abolished altogether.

We can also thank BC Premier Christy Clark for people not putting a lot of faith in their politicians. Soon after the Liberals were re-elected, she signed a cabinet order to increase the salaries of her chief of staff and ministerial assistants. We’re not talking a few hundred dollars that the average Canadian would die for, we’re talking about thousands of dollars.

After a hue and cry in the media, Clark cancelled the raises. You would think she deserved to be commended for this, but don’t forget, she’s running in the Kelowna-Westside by-election because she lost her own riding. How many votes would she get if she didn’t cancel those raises? NDP candidate Carole Gordon says Clark rescinded the pay hikes only because she fears losing the by-election. No argument there.

We find it incredible that Clark would even consider giving her staff raises immediately after an election. Was all that talk about fiscal responsibility was just lip service?

We certainly hope new MLA Linda Larson does not fall into the same political mire and will find the courage to speak out for her constituents when the party does something stupid.

If our politicians truly want to regain any sliver of trust left from the electorate, they must start running the government like it was their own business, using their own money. Then, we wouldn’t see so much wasteful spending and outrageous pay hikes.

It doesn’t take a million dollars to run a five and dime store, it takes honesty, integrity, service and some simple accounting. It also takes a good listener to keep the customers happy.




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